Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long are we in the air? 

A: Flights range from 6 minutes up to 12 minutes depending on the conditions.

Q:  How long does the entire trip take? 

A: Usually no longer than an hour. The trips can vary depending on how many other customers are on the boat, as well as other factors.

Q:  Do I need prior experience? 

A:  Prior experience is not necessary. The Captain and mate do ALL the work for you. You just have to come prepared to have a good time. If you can sit, you can fly!

Q:  Do I have to get wet? 

A:  Parasail rides usually come with a dip, which is lowering your feet into the water before arriving on the parasail boat. The Captain does take requests such as "we want to get soaked" or "we just want our feet dipped". However, the Captain cannot control the wind. Occasionally, flyers take on more water than they anticipate. If you DO NOT want to get dipped, PLEASE tell the reservationist and the Captain prior to your ride! 

Q:  Can I go if I have suffered spinal, back, or neck injuries in the past?  A:  Because the boat ride can be a bit bumpy at times, we ask that if you have suffered from these types of injuriesthat you refrain from going parasailing or even on the boat.

Q:  How old do I need to be to fly?  A:  Parasailors must be at least 4 years old to parasail. Guest younger than 18 years old must have an adult sign them in. As long as you are at least 4 years old you can fly, we do not set an upper limit on age.  Parasailing is safe and exciting for all ages!

Q:  Can I go with someone else?  A:  Yes, we offer tandem and triple flights (2 or 3 people in the same chute).  All multi-passenger flights are side by side offering great views and comfortable flights.  If the combined weight is over 450 lbs.  then it's up to the Captain to make the call. His decision is based on weather conditions.

Q:  Is there a weight restriction?  A:  The total combined weight in the parasail should be around 220lb. minimum and maximum of  450lb. (The captain may change these restrictions at any time for safety.)

Q:  Can a minor go up by themselves?  A:  Yes. The minor needs to have a parent or guardian sign the waiver form whether they are present or not. We can email the waiver form ahead of time if need be. If the minor doesn't meet the minimum weight, they need to go up with someone else, whether they from their party or other arrangements can be requested. They don't necessarily need to go with the person that signed the waiver, but rather another body to fulfill the weight requirement for their own safety. Keep in mind, the conditions dictated the weight minimum so one can always confirm what it is for that flight with the staff.

Q:  What if I change my mind when I'm already on the boat?  A:  You can change your mind, but that rarely happens. If you are overly nervous, let the staff know before hand, they can set up signals to being you back down on your command. Most of the time, we have the opposite happen, guests that are just along for the ride request to fly.

Q:  Can I go on the boat to watch but not necessarily go up?  A:  Generally, we do not take observer reservations. Right before the boat departs, IF there is room on the boat we will welcome you on the boat as an observer.  The cost for that is $ 9.  If you change your mind while on the boat and decide to fly, the $9 charge is then applied to the cost of parasailing. We will reserve riders spots for the price of the cheapest flight at the time.

Q:  How does parasailing work?  A:  After getting outfitted with a life vest and harness, you're seated on the flight deck of the boat.  Once seated the mate clips your harness to the parachute.  The captain lets the winch out slowly and smoothly.  It's like sitting on a swing set that slowly elevates you- for the experience of a lifetime.  And yes, all take offs and landings are done right from the boat.

Q:  What should I wear and leave behind? 

A:  Dress for the weather, if it is cool before your flight or if your are sensitive to the sun, we recommend that you wear a long sleeved shirt/sweatshirt.  Bathing suits and beach attire is always recommended, as are towels, bottled water and sun block.  The boat will stay dry, so feel free to bring cell phones, wallets, and purses.  However, we are not responsible for any items that get wet or damaged!

Q:  Can I take my camera up with me? 

A: You are allowed to take a camera up at your own discretion, and should take into consideration the height and water risks.  Disposable cameras are best. We also offer a digital photo package as another option to capture your good times.

Q:  Do we need to make reservations? 

A:  No, but reservations are encouraged!  Walk-ups are welcome, but may have to wait depending on how busy we are with reservations.

Q:  What if it rains or is too windy? 

A:  A little sprinkle and we stay out.  High gusty winds also make parasailing difficult.  The Captain then decides if we are going on stand-by or if we close down for the day. If you weren't able to fly then you can either be refunded or rescheduled for a day when the weather is cooperating. If you are unsure about the weather conditions, please give us a call the day of your flight.

Q:  What part of our vacation should we plan parasailing for? 

A:  We encourage you to plan for parasailing during the first part of your vacation.  That way, if the weather does not cooperate you will have other opportunities to fly.

Q:  Is it customary to tip the crew? 

A:  Just like others in the service industry, the crew works very hard to make sure all your needs aboard the boat are taken care of.