Jet SKi Rental

Enjoy the rush of the speeding around the lake with pin point turning radius in our Yamaha VX-110 jet ski or enhance your experience with a Luxury V-1 Yamaha model!


Boat Rental

Enjoy one of the most beautiful and unique places on earth with a local favorite pastime. Take a boat up lake! As simple as it sounds, it's an absolute must when visiting the Chelan-Manson area. We have a wide selection of boats with towing towers, tubes, wakeboards and water skis available.


Pontoon Rental

Looking for some R&R with your family or a group of friends? Why not grab some coolers and have a party on the water? Our Sunchaser Pontoons are a great option for most renters, new and experienced alike. They are easy and fun to operate, cost effective, and have tons of space.